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Suction Cup Viewfinder For iPhone


When it comes to filming outdoors all smartphone shooters can relate to the problem with glare on their LCD screen. This clever viewfinder from Photojojo solves the problem.

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Snapseed Photo Editing App For iPhone

Recently bought by Google, Snapseed is a powerful image editing app and can pretty much do everthing you imagine.

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Wide Angle Lens For iPhone

The Photojojo wide angle lens is a must if you shoot a lot of video with your iPhone as the standard lens is not very wide. 

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Pro HDR App For Iphone

If your looking to get more out of your iPhone photos then you should really try the Pro HDR app.

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Griffin Waterproof Case For iPhone 5

Griffin, well know for making accessories for the iPhone and iPad have released a great looking waterproof case fpr the iPhone 5.

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A Musical Filmed With An iPhone 5?

Musical Filmed On An Iphone 5 

The guys at Majek Pictures are well know for making Hollywood style films but what about musicals?

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iPhone Swivl: Your Own Personal Camera Crew

Now this is truly amazing. The Swivil is a device that will pan and tilt automatically following your movement. It works by using a simple sensor that it can detect and follow. So place it on your subject and let the Swivil do the rest. The sensor is also a 3 in 1 device that features a microphone to capture audio, record start and stop and the movement sensor. An app can also be downloaded to add more functionality.


GoPro App For iPhone

At long last  the GoPro app for iPhone has been released. Used with the Wifi BacPac the app allows you to control up to 50 cameras from up to 180m away with live preview and full settings control.


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